The Smart and Quick Swype Keyboard IOS 8


The third party keyboard is now becomes so popular to download in app store, as it can be a very cool feature you should have for making the texting and typing activity become so much fun. Having the excellent app as the external keyboard will be lots helpful for you very much, then it also provides the more features and emojis you can use. How about swype? This is another popular third party apps you can download from the app store. Swype keyboard iOS 8 is compatible with the iOS 8 or later.

Swype Keyboard IOS 8 Features

Don’t you know about swype iOS 8? Here are some information you will need, containing reasons why you should have this app for your iphone. Believe me that this will be a so cool apps anyway.

According to its official site, the swype keyboard iOS 8 has some cool features including;

  1. Swype gestures: you can quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with swype gestures with this feature.
  2. Personal dictionary: with this feature, you can add your custom words to the dictionary
  3. Customizable dictionary behavior: this feature allows swype to automatically add words to your dictionary or only add specific words chosen by you.
  4. Word choice list: you can select corrections or predictions from right above the keyboard.
  5. Next word prediction: this app also offers intelligent context based predictions from the word choice list.

Swype keyboard will be a super fast autocorrect keyboard, with endless entertainment for all iOS users. This will be super cool, and also will had some development in the next years. This third party keyboard is very intuitive, and can accurately predict the words you are going to type based on the previous word you said and your writing style. With its some cool extensive emojis, this app become so fun and excellent. The users also can customize its keyboard layout to fit with their own preference. If you want to own this cool third party keyboard for iOS, just look it in the app store, and you can own it only $1.

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