The Fastest IOS 8 New Keyboard

IOS 8 comes with some interesting offering like features and its display. IOS 8 keyboard has already installed inside the iOS as the built-in keayboard. You also may get the iOS 8 new keyboard, or some people simply call it as the third party keyboard. Those keyboards will surprisingly give you any different experience when used. The iphone operating system, gives its users the endless entertainment. The apple keyboard is as one of the most incredible thing within it you can find.

You may both enjoy the built-in keyboard, and enjoy the external keyboard or third party keyboard. It will be a super fun thing, because you can type in any chatting apps with this very cool third party keyboard. There are some popular names you can find in the app store, let’s mention the names fleksy, swype, swiftkey, and many more. They has been very popular for many years. In this ocassion, i will only discuss with you about three other popular iOS third party keyboards.

Gboard (free)


Gboard is onf of the popular third party keyboard for your iphone and ipad from google. This amazing app of keyboard has simple display, but very cool emojis, and also feature to search many things on google so easy. You can search some important informations such as images, videos, nearby hotel, weather forecasts, sport scores, and many more. Searching various information in google will be so easy and comfortable with this third party keyboard. This keyboard also will provide faster and accurate typing.

Swiftkey (free)


If you are looking for the smart third party keyboard for any iOS device, you need to consider this swiftkey app. You can replace the built-in keyboard in your iOS with this cool app. It has ton of features to comfy its users, including the multilingual typing. It supports 800 emojis, also supports over 20 languages. For faster and accurate type, this third party keyboard is a good choice. You need to try this one in you iOS device.

Swype ($1)


Swype is now available for the iOS device. This third party keyboard is very incredible with cool autocorrect and cool emojis supported. It will be an intuitive keyboard you can use in any apps in your device. It provides the swype gesture, which let you enter symbols quickly, capital letters and even punctuation. This keyboard layout is also customizable.

Themeboard (free)


This is another one cool third party keyboard you should consider to have. The themeboard will be a super cool keyboard for any iOS device, because you can choose from themes which are created by the leading designers. The themes are mostly free, but some may cost $1, and sometime price up to $2. There ae some cool emojis added to the app, with few languages supported anyway.

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