How To Change Keyboard IOS 8

Sometime people feel so bored with the usual look of the keyboard on their device they use everyday. That’s why, people will require a very different look of keyboard with very different setting and display, to make texting and typing activity becomes so much fun. There are some options you can do to realize it such as by customizing the keyboard display as you prefer. So How To Change Keyboard IOS 8? Here you can do.


Anytime you tap the type field in your app, like bbm and line, you need to type on the device with a cool qwerty keyboard, you will instinctively type the keyboard even without seeing it. A quick and handy keyboard is what you need, but it is sometime not enough for you who want have something more fun. Actually in your iOS device, there is a default setting of the apple’s built-in keyboard. It is very practical with dictionary, autocorrect, as well as some cool emojis which will make the messaging becomes so much fun.

And the question is, may i use another keyboard? Or simply called as the third party keyboard? It is the external keyboard application you can download in app store. There are some popular names you can find like swype, minuum, themeboard, and many more. The external keyboards can provide you different feel for typing. So how to get them for your iOS device? Here are some steps to do.

Adding Built-In Keyboard

The built-in keyboard in internal iOS setting has already designed with great convenient for users. Just activate it anytime, and you can use different languages for communication using this keyboard. You can easily activate it, and inactivate it so easy. Here is the step.

Go to setting > general > keyboard > keyboard > add new keyboard > tap on the keyboard you want to select.

Switching Keyboard On Iphone And Ipad

You also may switch the keyboard existed in your iphone and ipad, it will be easy. You will have a few keyboard at your disposal.  To do this, here is the step.

Tap the text field in any app > tap and hold globe key > tap on the keyboard name you want to select.

This setting does not mean permanent, you can even return to another keyboard simply by holding the globe key once more, and select another keyboard you want.

Installing Third Party Keyboard

Feeling so bored with built-in keyboard, and you need to consider installing another keyboard app from app store. You can get the different experience of typing. Here is the step to do.

First of all go to setting > general > keyboard >keyboard > you will see some keyboard names > keyboards > edit > then drag the keyboard you’d like to be the default to the top of the list > done

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