3 Best IOS Keyboard in App Store

The iOS technology gives all its user the fun and exciting experience to do many things with their device. The messaging becomes so important feature which many smartphone and iphone should have. When the messaging feature comes in very fun way, you know how it will be very interesting to do. IOS 10 comes with some newly features to spoil its user, including with very cool messaging feature. There are 72 new emojis are added to the iOS keyboard in both iphone and ipad. You also may use the external iOS keyboard. They are so easy to find in app store. Here we have some informations about best iOS keyboard.

IOS has a solid built-in emoji keyboard, we usually call it as the internal keyboard. The external keyboard apps can be the great alternative that can make your message a perfect text, and fun way for communication. Along with the development of internal keyboard built officially by iOS, the existence of some external keyboard apps is also so vital and the more popular. You can use various third party keyboard apps you configure with your own keyboard setting.

To do this will be so easy. Go to settings > general > keyboard > add new keyboard. You can see the list of third party keyboards you install, and you can apply it. When you tap the type field in any apps, the keyboard is applied.

Here are 4 popular third party keyboard apps you can install into your own iOS device.

Slash Keyboard


First of all, you can consider to install this amazing app for your iOS device. It is a powerful app which works with ton apps. This cool app offers some cool emojis, completed with the awesome emoji search function. To do this, you only need to type of genre of emoji you want to apply, and then just go. You only need to find this amazing app from the app store, and the good news is that it is free.

Emoji Type


How about emoji type? This app is also amazing. You can change the word into emoji in simple way with this excellent app. As the example, if you type bread, you can see the emoji showing bread, and other food items probably. This will be a very cool app to use, and its price also will be less cost, only $0.99. The autocomplete emoji will be so much fun in there.

emoji type takes the words you type on screen and recommends emoji based on those words. So if i’m typing in “pizza,” the emoji bar above my keyboard will show me pizza. Food will show other food items, etc.



Minuum is another one cool third party keyboard apps you can download. This cool app is made for the super-fast autocorrects. So you can type so fast and the keyboard also will be so fast to correct your miss type super fast as well. This app is designed for quick and efficient, also works with some cool emojis.you can pull up an emoji in the autocomplete bar, and it will be useful even when you want to add any note of musical. This cool app price in app store is $3.99

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