What’s New In IOS Emoji Keyboard

In the middle of September 2016, apple had released the newest operating system or usually called as iOS to the public. The newest operating system is named by iOS 10, it is because it is as the next generation of the previous iOS 9. IOS 10 has some excellent development if compared to the previous version, especially the keyboard feature. So what’s New In IOS Emoji Keyboard?


Following the release of iOS 10 to the public, there are also so many curious people who feel so satisfy with the newly features given by apple to the latest operating system. The 72 new emojis added to the keyboard becomes one of the most awful thing that users enjoy very much. 72 new iOS emoji keyboard attract many people around the world, and drive them to update their operating system fro iOS 8 or iOS 9, to the newly iOS 10.

As  the user of iOS device, you need to recognize so well the iOS emoji keyboard feature and what you can do with it. The keyboard in iOS itself is available internally, but in the future you also may install the external keyboard when you want to experience something different and the more interesting. There are some popular third party keyboard apps such as quicktype, you can download it from the app store.

The internal keyboard of iOS let you doing some magical things, such as;

Adding The Emojis

You can add the emojis by using the internal keyboard. To do this will be simple. You only need to tap the type field on any apps, to add the emoji,

  1. Tap the text field and the tap smile
  2. Use the grey icon in the bottom side of text field to change the theme of emoji, or move left and right to see the others. Then, tap to know the recent emojis you used.
  3. To change the skin color of a certain emoji, tap clock and hold and emoji
  4. Then simply tap an emoji to add it into the text field.

Changing Words Into Emojis

Texting by using emojis will be so much fun. You can do this on your iOS 10 device. To do this you ony need to;

  1. Open message and then make a new message
  2. Type a text, and tap smile on the type field.
  3. Wait until the words turn into orange
  4. Tap the words turned into orange to change it into the emojis
  5. Send the message.
  6. If you want to change the emoji into its original word, simply tap the emoji.

Using The Predictive Emoji

The newly iOS feature let its user to use not only the predictive text, but also the predictive emoji. It will be so much fun to do, believe me. The predictive text can help you finishing the whole sentences simply by one tap, based on the words you type previously and the writing style. With the predictive emoji, you can do the same thing. There is also the suggestion of the emoji to appy. To use the predictive emoji, you only need to type a message, and then you will see the predictive emoji shown suggested. You can tap the emoji to change the word or adding the emoji.

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