How To Get IOS 7 Keyboard for Android

IOS 7 keyboard offers a very cool and convenient display. People can type many words, with autocorrect, as well as some cool emojis to use. The keyboard is also completed with dictionary. The iOS keyboard is not available in any other platforms including android. You can install iOS 7 keyboard for your android phone. It will be very easy and super comfortable to do. This also can increase the comfort and convenience of everyone when they are using the keyboard in any apps in android phone.

So how to do this? Simply open google app store in your android phone. You can find the tweak namely iphone emoji v1.9 app. This is as one of the most popular application you can install to help you obtaining very cool layout and display like in iphone. If you feel bored with the usual keyboard look of your android phone, you need to install this app to get look of iphone keyboard. Here are some features you can enjoy with this app.

IOS 7 Keyboard Display


Keyboard emojis: for some android users, a special emojis is not shown, but they are all shown in every iOS users.

  1. English special input
  2. Special input from the dictionary
  3. Autocorrect
  4. Emulator keyboard iphone
  5. And many more
  6. Some languages including: English(Us), English(UK), Dutch, Finnish, French(Canada), Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Bahasa Indonesia, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, French(Switzerland), German, and many more.

How To Activate IOS 7 Keyboard for Android


There are some interesting features you can enjoy after installing the iOS 7 keyboard in your own android platform. This can make you feel more comfortable to type in various app such as bbm, whatsup, line, and many more. So how to use it? Here are the steps

  1. Simply install it from the google play
  2. Click option > enable iOS 7 keyboard
  3. Open the app
  4. Click in the option “ set as default keyboard
  5. Click or hold space button to change input method in iOS 7 keyboard.
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