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Money-making on the mind, the property owner was all aglow when the contract was stamped, sealed, signed and delivered. Right; so now let’s make some serious money. And so the leaseholds grew. And a few more happy tenants came in for the ride. Speaking of which, they all had to have somewhere to park. Yes, there was parking bays but these were inadequate and there simply was not enough to go around.

Disgruntled tenants now had to struggle to find parking on the streets. And some even said that this was so bad that their clients, well, some of them anyway (no need to go to extremes) simply did not bother to show up. They went elsewhere, more than likely where they could find a decent place to park their cars, and more than likely on buildings where parking garage design westlake village is in evidence.

Dear property owners. This is about one of the best ways to make tons of money. Great to have all those tenants but in so keeping them, you will have noticed just how high your administration and maintenance costs go every year. You have no alternative but to pass some of these costs onto your previously grateful tenants. And along the way, some of them may have had no alternative but to move on.

parking garage design westlake village

It would not have been personal; it is just business. The modern parking garage is low on administration and maintenance. It is low on costs. Actually, it’s high on costs. Only this time, the clients are paying. And really, they do not mind at all. Because they too know that they are now getting great value for money. They now have plenty of room to park and they know their vehicles are safe. 

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