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In the industrial age we rely on machines to do most of the work we would have otherwise given to a person.  The jobs performed will use large machines such as presses.  These presses force air, fluids and other matter through cylinders with such force that they need a device known as hydraulic cylinder seals by size to protect them.

The purpose of the seals

The purpose of the seals is to prevent foreign matter and materials from getting into the core of the machines.  These seals create an air tight barrier allowing the devices to function as designed.  Depending on the application for the device and the size of the device, the seals will be exposed to many levels of force and pressure.  This is why the seals need to be maintained and replaced if damaged. If the seals fail the entire machine could be ruined.

Types of seals

There are a variety of different seals.  These seals range in size, shape and material.  It is very important to choose the correct seal for the right job.

Rod Seals

These hydraulic cylinder seals go into the shaft of the machine.  The purpose is to ensure that liquids don’t seep out or into unwanted areas.  These seals need to be maintained on a regular basis due to liquid temperatures and pressures effect on them.

O rings

Out of all the different seals, the O rings are probably the one’s people can relate to the easiest.  The O ring was made famous with the destruction of the Challenger space shuttle.  It was believed to be the component that failed causing the explosion.

hydraulic cylinder seals by size

With an example relatable as that, it is clear how important hydraulic cylinder seals are.  If they don’t fit correctly or if they fail, devastating things can go wrong.

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