The Things You Can Do with Internal and External IOS Keyboard

Since iOS 10 was released to public, there are many companies who attempt trying to release third party features such as application, theme, security, and also keyboard. IOS 10 is the latest iOS version released to public as the perfection of the previous version of operating system. IOS 10 consists of some dramatic development if compared to the other previous version. IOS 10 also has better feature for its keyboard. Here are many things you need to know about iOS keyboard. ios-10-keyboard There are some new emojis you can find and enjoy in your iOS device. The emojis and its newly keyboard feature can give everyone fun feeling when texting. IOS keyboard is such a thing many people waiting for to come better with the iOS 10. Say thank to its developer which makes this lots better.

IOS Internal Keyboard

ios-keyboard IOS 10 comes with its significant changes on its inside all over the feature, including keyboard feature. Internal keyboard feature on iOS 10 let its user to do typing in all part lots more comfortable. In iOS 10, there are 72 new emojis on its keyboard, and this answer the users of iphone desire to have very fun keyboard for messaging. IOS 10 also lets you using the internal keyboard in every app you have in your iOS device. Switching to the international keyboard can be done as well. There are still some other things you should notice. To help you using the iOS internal keyboard optimally, you need to know several things to guide you.

Changing The Internal Keyboard In Your Device

Don’t you know that you can change the internal keyboard format in your device? You also can add the additional language. Those features ease you very much to help you being more comfortable and personalized. This action also may help you changing the dictionary you use to an automatic changing, the structure of button, as well as number and alphabet in your keyboard. The keyboard language also determines dictionary language you use for the predictive text. To add the keyboard in your device, go to setting > general > keyboard > keyboard You can change the layout of button with a certain language. Go to setting > general > keyboard > keyboard > tap a language, and then choose a now layout.

Changing Keyboard Language

Changing the keyboard language in your iOS device can be done so easy as well, especially if you are using iOS 10. If you use the newest iOS 10 which released recently, the keyboard language setting will automatically change between two languages you oftenly use. To change keyboard manually, you can do the steps as follow; Open the application, and then tap the text field Tap keyboard to choose the next language on your keyboard. The language you use will appear is space bar. Tap and hold keyboard to show keyboard menu. Pull your finger to choose the new keyboard.

Looking Up The Words

The iOS keyboard also enable you to look for a definition of a particular word. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? To find the definition of a word, you only need to choose a word, and the tap “search”. The definition will be shown later. The dictionary is available in iOS device in so many languages, you can select one particular language.

Using The Predictive Text

The predictive text enables you to finish the whole sentence simply by using one tap. When you are typing, you can see some word choices or phrases choices possibly the next, based on the previous conversation and your writing style. You can use this feature, and also inactivate it if you don’t need this. Simply touch and hold smile or keyboard , and then tap predictive. Inactivating the predictive touch also can be done through setting. Go to setting > general > keyboard > predictive

Switching To The Other Keyboards

To switch to other keyboards, you can use it while using an application, you can switch to the other keyboard, like third party keyboard. To do this, simply touch and hold keyboard to change to any keyboards available. You also can set the position of keyboard. Go to setting > keyboard > keyboard > edit. Afterwards, touch and hold flag to move it. Click save to finish.

Changing The Layout Of Hardware Keyboard

Changing the layout of hardware keyboard is also something you can do so easy. You can use it to match with the physic keyboard you are using. You also may use the alternative keyboard layout which is not the same with the physic keyboard layout. You can sync it with some iOS devices such as ipad, iphone, or ipod touch. To do this will be so simple, go to setting > general > hardware keyboard > then choose layout.

Third Party Keyboards

ios-keyboard-apps There are actually various third party app for iOS keyboard you can download from app store. They are some free and some paid. You can download the free app, it is no cost but super fun and excellent. We are going to round up the best keyboard apps for iphone in this post. You must be so familiar with the popular keyboard app like quicktype. Most of the third-party keyboard apps use the predictive text, and the autocorrect features as well. This work is similar to the feature used by the apple’s keyboard itself. The iOS keyboard in iOS 10 autocorrect feature will be faster and better. It will be more accurate and can help you to speed up your typing significantly, also help you removing the wrong embarassing typing. IOS 10 keyboard new features and work will be such an excellent thing many people are awaited so much. But fortunately it provides what you need for fun messaging every time. Below are the most popular iOS keyboard apps you can download from the app store. Note that those apps work with iOS 10. For the older iOS like iOS 7 or below, those probably do not work.
  • Gboard (free)
  • Swiftkey (free)
  • Flexy (free)
  • Swype ($1)
  • Minuum ($4)
  • Themeboard (free)
  • Kwiltkeys (free)
  • Hangkeys (free)
  • Slated ($10)
  • Gif keyboard ($1)
  • Bitmoji (free)
  • Drawtype ($1)
To download and install those applications or third party keyboard will be so easy. When you think that you do not need them anymore, you also can easily remove them from your iOS devices. To do this, it will be very simple. Just go to setting > general > keyboard > keyboard > edit and then tap the icon stop and tap finish.